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Who is Yogananda

If you are looking for Enlightened masters, you should meet (see) Paramahansa Yogananda. He’s a deep mystic who came from India to the USA in early 20th century (100 years ago) and started to explain the science behind Kriya Yoga and the consciousness movement in U.S. Yogananda was well known for publicly entering a Samadhi state (kind of conscious out of body travel, or unification with the universe while out of body). Still today, there are people from California, some of his students (now in their 80-90’ties), who can confirm who he was. You can see videos of them on YouTube.

P.S. Do not focus on what Kriya Yoga is, or any kind of Yoga, or any kind of set of teachings or religions. It’s all about the same thing: How to increase energy, feel your receptors in your spine, feel the god in your body and experience unity and love with everything. No name for that is needed, but I call it the Clear Way.


Message from Yogananda

“…TO get to the soul, get beyond the subconscious; that’s the purpose of Kriya Yoga. Meditation is practicing the presence of God… How the soul descended into the body and how to take it back to the spine and the brain beyond the prison of the body into the vast infinite…

…Your mind is on the surface of the body; you like to see what is good here, smell this, touch. .. that’s why you’re locked up, your consciousness is locked up, so that you have to withdraw it and gradually take it beyond the muscles and settle it in the spine…the spine and the brain are the altars of God; that’s how the electricity of God flows down…

…When you reverse the senses, concentrate on the spine…you will see the light, the million stars that cannot describe the light of my Father.”

How to reach Enlightenment and God

“.. Do not be enslaved by the senses; they were given that you can be their master.” – I can understand those words, while compulsively eating the best tacos in the world here in Cancun, Mexico. Enslaved by the senses. We all know what that means in practice, we just don’t see it that often, I think.

Yogananda, in a three-minute speech, gives his recipe for Enlightenment, to be empowered, to be in control of your senses, to put attention into the energy in your spine and the brain, where it flows and accumulates. Simple and genius. Hard to achieve for beginner practitioners, though.

But, that being said, everyday practice, changing the focus within piece by piece, and you can start to feel more and more energy, like it wasn’t there before (maybe it always was there). And that feeling enlightens you and you can see that those practices make sense. Without any Yoga, without any knowledge, without any Guru or master, just you and the flow of your energy in your spine and in your life. You start to see it, no advanced teaching is really necessary to achieve that.

Personally, I think it would be unfair if you could meet your creator only through advanced teachings and techniques. We have to learn to simplify it, like Yogananda does in his three-minute speech.

Regards, Brothers.



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