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– The Secret (You can find it on YouTube)
– THRIVE (the same as above)   🙂

What is the famous Secret

Have you heard about the famous ‘The Secret’ ? (it’s the title of the book, and movie as well)

Well some of us might have heard of it, while others haven’t. Here is the place to get to know all about it. In this and other posts I am showing by my and other people’s example how ‘The Secret’, how the ‘Law of Attraction’ (which is the same as ‘The Secret’) works in practice, in real life.

What is the Law of Attraction (the Secret)?

The Law of attraction is as simple as that: What you have programmed in your subconscious mind + what you feel = You Attract (You Get).


It’s all about the simple Law of Physics. Even though it took me couple of years to fully comprehend it, even I already (just like you) was using it knowingly or unknowingly for years.

Here at The Switch, we present the Best Men of their kind. Some of these men are the best at explaining the Healings, some of them explain the best ways on How to Get Money. Bob Proctor is one of those people at explaining in the best way how Law of Attraction works, how to realize Your Dreams.

Rich and Famous People on The Law of Attraction

There is literally a ton of people from Hollywood that can tell you about The Secret and Law of Attraction. Between them are: OprahWill SmithJim CareyMatt Damon. Some of them speak directly about their Secret of success. Others, like 50 cent, famous and wealthy rapper, speak about their path and always believing in what they wanted to achieve, revealing the same mechanisms that rule any success.

Denzel Washington, as well any other great businessperson or actor, can tell you the Secret of their success:

“True desire in The Heart, for anything good, is God’s proof to You, sent beforehand, indicating,that It is Yours already.”

I can state by myself (Mike), that any desire, whether it was sex, money, things, emotions, material or non-material, heal myself or heal a person – everything came true in my life. The only condition was that I really desired it in my heart, I didn’t fear it in my mind; there was no big contradiction in my sub consciousness. Other goals that I questioned in my mind or contradicted in my sub consciousness haven’t come true, yet.

What is Law of Attraction – by Bob Proctor

How to achieve Things – By Denzel Washington

Notes from the Videos :

BoB Proctors video:
– Paradigme + Thods + Emotions = Results

Denzel’s video:
– True desire in the heart, for anything good, is God’s proof to You, sent beforehand, to indicate that is Yours already


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