What is The Switch ?

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‘The Switch’ is about Technical Spirituality in Practice.


The Idea is simple: Switch to a Better Life, thanks to technicality of spiritual practices, explained by logic practicioners.

You do not have to get up from your couch, you don’t have to do exercise. Just use your head and think about what we’re discussing here.


At The Switch we connect knowledge of ancient masters like Jesus, Buddah, Krishna, with todays Awakened and Enlightement people like Sadhguru, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Osho and many others.

We refine this knowledge to its simplicity, in order to share with you, how to live easier, happier and wealthier.


We share everything on the way to Enlightenment. I invite you to join and stick around for a while.


The Switch is definitely Not about any religion, it is not really even the movement (I had to name The Switch website somehow, and the simple ‘www.The Switch’ was taken).


You will find here many words and teachings of Buddah, Jesus, Krishna, different Channelers and Prophets of the past, presence, and future. But we study those words carefully, without any attachement to religions, which were mostly, falsly created on behalf of those spiritual Masters.

Why ‘The Switch’ ?


Hi, It was Mike.


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