What is ‘Easy Mind’?

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Where Easy Mind comes from?

Easy mind you are born with, but Ego structures are taking over very fast.


How Easy Mind works?

With ‘Easy Mind’, you just flow. Instead of being ‘Mr. Right’, you allow people and situations to have their own truth. You accept things as they are, you look objectively at the world and situations you participate in. That gives you tremendous space, peace and understanding. Then you can work on giving, giving love, instead of looking for it and taking, taking..

To make it clear, here are some qualities of ‘Easy Mind’:
– It knows cause and effect
– It doesn’t blame others for circumstances
– It understands space and time, that makes you more easy
– It reaches peace instead of irritation
– It knows how to deal with your ego
– It works to increase energy and decrease judgments
– It let’s go of things and people, so you don’t get so attached and cry about everything
– You know that the world doesn’t owe you anymore
– It gives space to be around people, their beliefs, even if they are wrong
– It works to give you more peace and freedom
– Easy Mind loses the fear, other people’s ideas and programs that enslave you
– You can find your purpose and live by it
– You are truthful, at least to yourself

I cannot fully describe what Easy Mind is. You have to try it yourself.

Outcome of Easy Mind

The freedom of Easy mind is exceptional. Everything starts to flow, you let things go, so quality is coming and coming to you. You start to flow with universe, instead of being attached to everything: love, money, people, words, ideas, life.
You start to feel more the excitement of life, the core itself that gives you intense emotions of living, making love, eating, enjoying other people and life itself.
You let your ‘old wisdom’ go to become more flexible, lawless, love full. Like god, like water, you go to the core. You live it, which gives tremendous excitement in comparison to living by an egoic, frightened mind.

You start to do things that you wouldn’t do normally. That’s why, for sleeping society, it is not convenient to present Easy Mind to you. When you’re Easy, You have less or no fear, you can go around the world next day without any plan, you know “it’s gonna be all good…” You will live an incredible life. You find your purpose, because you don’t waste your time on false things and being right all the time. Energy grows energy, time makes time, money makes money. And again you get more conscious and rich inside as well as outside.

To awaken and live to full potential. This is Awakening. That is point of life. Making money and having a false sense of security leads us nowhere. Wake Up. Get Awakened, Switch, find Your purpose and get Enlightened.



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