What is Channeling?

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Short Intro about Channeling

Not so long ago, maybe in 2010, I had my first encounter with Channeling in spirituality. I heard about it years before, but I never believed it or examined it in any way. I used to hear about those people and how they claim to Channel the information from other entities or dimensions. It was hard to tell if any of it was true or false.


When your mind is closed, you just use a superficial logic (understanding) to state what it’s true and what is not, and very often, you close the case without really even going into the subject.


But I dug more through the years. I was reading the deepest, most profound spiritual materials from classics and modern spiritual masters (not connected with any form of channeling unless you could call a simple meditation ‘channeling’). I found that there are many people who claim that they are doing The Channeling, but also many enlightened masters who claimed they could communicate with other forms of life, other forms of understanding. Some of those advanced people speak openly about Out of Body Experiences (OBE) and other, not yet socially welcome experiences.

So my advice is don’t judge anything too quickly, especially if you don’t have any understanding of outer worlds, the afterlife, I would even say an understanding of life itself at a deeper level.


What is Channeling?

Let’s take a look at how the channelers explain these phenomena: when the consciousness of a person leaves the body and another being takes over the person’s body. Sounds simple, but how does it work?

How does Channeling Work?

Channelers share similar stories. Usually, the first time it happens to them is in an unexpected moment of their life without any spiritual background, without any idea that it happened (story of AZENA RAMANDA or J Z KNIGHT). Usually third parties report this kind of channeling that later on, so the channeler can take a look at it and listen what was happening. So you could say it happens to some people without their conscious approval. Either way, later on, the person who has had this kind of experience learns to prepare for channeling and how to do it in a controlled way. That is the story. But that’s not everything.

Why it all looks a bit suspicious

What the hell would leaving the body and having another entity come down and inhabit it look like? My personal opinion is that most of those channelers, even though they have had real channeling experiences in some moments of their lives, are continuing some sort of game on their own. But, most of the materials available on YouTube could be very real.

But, my friends, listen to the words, to The Message itself. Do not look at those crazy messengers, listen to the words they carry of great spirituality, great stories. great Truth.

Who do they Channel?

They channel Ascended Masters, or other advanced beings from different dimensions. Sounds crazy when I write it, but years of studying how dimensions and the afterlife works seems like all becomes part of one great and real story.

Why there is truth behind those stories

Just listen to few interviews with Channelers. They share the same story of abundance, love for humanity, simplicity of life and immortality in the afterlife. They speak the same words. Here in the video above, the lady channels one of the ascended masters – Saint Germaine, who speaks exactly the same words about life and spirituality, as another lady speaks and channels the words of another enlightened being – Ramtha. The similarity is so significant, the way they speak, what they say – for me personally, it makes them one person. I mean they literally speak from the same source.

But doesn’t it sound familiar? Do Thich Nhat Khan and the Dalai Lama speak the same words? 🙂

What else do channelers have in common?

They all look a little crazy when they channel. I mean, they are just people in real life, but when they channel other beings, it is simply strange. Some of those channelers (not all of them) choose to do some wicked charade, pretending that they channel, or they do channel, but their private life goes little bit, let’s say it, sideways. But maybe, just maybe, it is my harsh judgment, because there are still things that I don’t understand. But, even for those who choose to play their roles, I think it started because of channeling or another experience, that very often has  a written beautiful book as its outcome with lots of great knowledge, like the White Book of Ramtha. No matter who actually wrote that book, and how crazy or irresponsible the channeler that wrote was, for me this book it is just great and inspiring masterpiece.




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