What is spiritual Awakening.

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Pic. Marc Marcel during his trip to Mexico :)

Exercise to practice:
– Think how it would to be: Inspired, always with Energy, truly Happy, more Succesfull (Think of It more and more, and You will start to attract this reality, It doesn’t cost anything)

Life, life my friends. We are here not only to pay bills, work and die. We are here to In-Spire, ConSpire, Aspire.

Let me tell You this: at Switch, we go to the core. We go to the nature, we go to the Joy and real simple processes that make life Great!

WHat is Awakening ? WHat is Enlightement? There are for sure different answers to that. What all answers have in common – the answers to it, it can shake off all the lifes problems that you still carry on with You.

What does it mean to be Awakened? – Mike.

Different people will describe Awakening in their particular Way. Meet below, Marc Marcel. An extraordinary guy I have met in 2012. Creator and great human being. A real person. Awakened. Human without Fear. Marc Marcel, You are literally one of the greatest, most interesting people I have met on this planet.

Here what Marc have to say, when asked: ‘What does it mean to be Awake to You ?’

What is Awakening? – by Marc Marcel

Notes from the Videos :

Mike’s video:
– Inspiration, Aspiration
– Change of Life
– Understanding god or energy
– Before and after awakening
– Opening of the Mind
– Using knowledge after awakening
Marc Marcel video:
– Live it, Live it
– Game of Life
– Pleasure, Human Being
– Problems are bullshit
– People are You, Enjoy it


Hi, It was Mike.


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