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pic. Differences between Auras in TIme

What is Aura?

Well technically, an Aura it’s just a frequency of your vibration represented in colours. It’s your energy visible in frequencies that are shown in colours.
If you watched any experiments on YouTube or the Discovery channel, scientists in laboratoriesprove have proven that everything has its own frequency, even sound, colours, every living thing and any object.

The technique of doing taking photos is known as Kirlian photography (from the guy who invented it 1939). Check it out in Google, and see yourself how objects and people have different Auras: click here to see a Google search for ‘Auras’

A Few tips About Auras

– Do You think that happy people have different Auras than depressed people?
– Could we see some features of character by looking at somebody’s colour frequency?
– Can you tell if somebody is spiritually/technically developed?
– Can you tell the difference between people who have money and are down to earth, and people who have higher scores?
– Are there people who can see Auras without using any technology?
– Is  an Aura changeable?

– Is it visible in your Aura when you are in love?
– Is there a different way of describing auras (other than colours), for example, by feeling another person when we are next to each other?

Aura and energy fields a from technical perspective

So what if there is more to this story, and particular colours that you see in all Kirlian pictures are the same colours that have been described for thousands of years as colours connected to vibratory states of particular chakras. Again, what if we are here not only to pay bills, eat, shit, sleep and die?

Chakras and their colours are described most likely in this kind of way:

pic. each Chakra has its main colour 🙂


How does chakras works

Each Chakra is carrying a different vibratory state, different energy, and is responsible for different emotional and physical function. That’s why there are different colours.

For example, if your thoughts, your existence and lifestyle are dominated by money, survival, sex, or you are very deeply connected to the earth – your Aura might come out completely red (which is beautiful, also means often a person with a lot of energy).

Here are few examples of people’s different chakras colours:

pic. each Person has a different colour, that represents a particular vibratory state.


If You want to read more about colours of Auras, please type ‘How to read Aura’ in Google or just click here :

Meaning of different colours

These are just examples, sometimes colours come out different because of temporary strong emotions. So don’t worry if your Aura picture comes out different than you expected. It’s not a contest. It’s all good. See the video at the end of the post to understand more.

Work studies. Here is a picture of me, Mike, at the beginning of my spiritual practices in 2010 (the green photo), and then 5 years laterin 2015 (the violet photo).

As you see from above, my Aura colour changed completely. My ideas of life, my focus changed during this time. Life became much easier, as life force follows ideas and thought patterns. From the money orientated, down to a life-driven guy, I have become interested in getting more answers and expanding my consciousness and useful knowledge (experience). I still love to earn money, do business and I’m a deeply rooted ‘down to earth’ guy. But.. now I also see that the most important thing is heart opening, kindness, politeness – it might be the key to yourself and the universe.

How to Describe Auras.

How Shaman see Auras.

Sadhguru about Colour and Aura:

Notes from the Videos :

Sadhguru’s video:
– Don’t worry about Your Aura 🙂

Update to Article: may 2016

During may 2016 I did another Aura Photo. It is similar to this one from 2015. Plus now some channel above the head is visible, and small vortexes of lighter white energies seen horizontacilly sticking to the channel above the head (it is hard to see on photo of the photo)


Hi, It was Mike.


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