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Dr Wayne Dyer: What is the Purpose of Life–teachings from Tao

‘The sea stays low, and because the sea stays low, all the rivers and all the streams empty into it’ because it stays humble; it allows.

These classic teachings for personal development can show us how to manage spiritual growth, how to find purpose of life in an easy way.

It’s beautiful, it’s simple, it makes it easy to re-think your life after hearing Wayne Dyer speak from his spiritual experience.

What is Dr Wayne Dyer teaching us about?

A lot of those teachings from Wayne Dyer are about the same thing with different names:

  • How to be happy
  • How to live
  • How to find your own purpose
  • How to find peace within yourself
  • How to find universal love
  • How to find your true goal in life

And the answers to these questions come in a surprisingly ‘domino way’. You might be really busy with your purpose in life. I mean, when you start with practical spirituality, when you start to know what your purpose is, it is the same moment you become at peace with yourself. It also works in the opposite way. Finding peace brings some sort of the purpose, all the answers come more easily, and it helps with your spiritual growth. There is no running anymore. You become happier, just by the fact that there is no compulsion in you, nothing you ‘have to do’, no place that ‘you need to be’ and no ‘love of your life that you need to find’. You just are at peace with more spiritual awareness. That’s a great thing. Sounds so easy, but it’s so difficult in today’s world.

Why stop for a moment?

From my personal perspective, it is very important to stop and think sometimes for a moment. Look the truth in the face. Ask yourself: Why am I not happy? What is missing?

Don’t worry if you don’t have answers to those questions. Hardly anybody knows those answers. That’s why we study the words of spiritual masters and the meaning of life.

But the first and most important thing is to look the truth in the eye. Without that, you are just a runner running through life, pretending, lying to yourself, not wanting to find real answers.

Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I don’t know’. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I’m down, I need help’. Ask for help. Ask the Masters, ask the Higher self, ask God, ask whoever you believe in, and the answers will come sooner or later.

Classic, the best of Dyer’s teachings

For me personally, Wayne Dyer’s teaching is something I am come back to every year to refresh my mind, to study them from the beginning, to find happiness when I feel there is something wrong, when I feel my life went somewhere ‘else’, when I feel that I’m at the top but still not happy. Then I come back to Wayne Dyer words. I turn into a deeper spirituality. And I see that I got lost with Ego again, that the purpose of life is to serve, not to take and expect. The purpose is to share, especially with those who have less life in them, less security, less passion about some goals, not enough strength. Very often it is visible in those people through their irritation and some small aggression every day. They pretend to be strong, but are slowly dying without happiness, without physical and mental energy, without being In-Spirit (inspiration), without knowing any life purpose or being connected with a natural part of the self that is more loving.

True happiness as a purpose

One’s true purpose might simply be to find happiness, to reconnect, to flow, to find divinity (literally) in you. You think that couldn’t be your purpose? Well, I cannot tell you what your purpose here is, but I do know this: when there are moments I am feeling happy, fulfilled, healthy, successful in business, self sufficient, strong, developed and confident with connection In-Spirit, then I feel like my purpose is fulfilled. My ideas are expanding, my thoughts are reaching new levels, I think of immortality often, helping other people, doing something good in life, being 100% truthful with myself and other people, reaching the bottom of my heart every day.

That’s what I call finding my purpose. Everything is great then.



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