Vegan Diet for Bodybuilders

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Vegan Training for Bodybuilders


He eats one vegan meal per day. He trains every day. He explains the vegan diet for bodybuilders.

He is healthy; he keeps his muscle and body in great shape, thanks to his vegan training.

But this story is not only about vegan food or a vegan diet plan. For me personally, it is more about immortality, going out of the box. It is about fasting and pushing human life itself to the limits. It’s not only experimenting with the body but also with our minds in expanding the limits to new, unexplored areas.
Does veganism and a vegan diet help with that?


Vegan Benefits leading to Awakening

So maybe you think that this article is about vegan food, veganism itself or mostly about vegan bodybuilders. Maybe it is coincidence, but most of the vegans I know tend to be more Awakened, more intuitive, more open to new ways of how to get enlightened. This guy could be the best example of it. Vegans benefit from quality foods and a natural lifestyle. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the way he speaks – calm, firm but natural. I would be really interested to meet him in person, to see exactly what level of awakening he represents. Based on what he says, the goal is not only to live healthy, but to explore, to extend the human lifespan significantly by this vegan diet. Not only is the way he speaks original, but the way he explains things through chemistry and his knowledge is very resourceful.

How does a vegan diet enhance your lifestyle

In the past, I thought veganism was just about food. All that vegetarianism or veganism was not for me.

Now I understood more about vegans, diets, awakening, and how it all connects.

A vegan diet detoxifies your body. Veganism or even vegetarianism brings a natural alkaline environment to y our body. You get cleansed. Your cells start to breathe better, your whole metabolism start to be more kind. Your thoughts patterns might change.

Being a vegan is not just a lifestyle, it might be something more: an evolution. That’s why many people who try to reach enlightenment experiment, just like me, not only with vegan foods, but also with fasting and other type of diets. The goal is to expand our lifespan in a super shape, with a nice quality life, instead of fighting with our minds and all the dis-eases.

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