The True Goal in Life – Rupert Spira

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Is there a real Purpose of Life

Happiness. The knowing of being. The religious name for our own Being – God.

How to be happy, how to find life’s meaning, is the true goal in life.

Looking for the Goal in Life

Why is the self always unhappy and always looking for happiness?

Have you ever thought that, just maybe, finding the purpose in life, finding the meaning of life, and how to be happy, is all the same thing?

Rupert gives a nice example of bungee jumping: the release to a sense of death for a moment and how the separate self is looking for unity with a higher-self.

We are all looking for happiness, success, moments of dissolving ourselves, in some adventures and conquests.

The Real Goal

Unveil the awareness, the big come-back to our natural condition, and shed the illusion state.

Freeing awareness, without limitations of being you, being alive in body, being a limitation as a one person will ignite happiness, according to Rupert Spira, one of the awakened.

Different statements

For sure, I think there is one thing that we can agree about. Rupert said that when we are happy, we do not look for anything else at the moment, as the goals in our life are already achieved. That could logically lead us to conclude that the state of happiness is the only thing we were looking for.

Important thing about how to find Happiness

He explains that we get to be happy about different things: money, dates, love, cars, kisses, chocolate, shoes, smiles and purses. And it is always the same feeling, sparked by different events, but always the same feeling. This fact tells us that this happiness is inside of us; it just starts with different outside events. What if we get to know the formula of being sparked most of the time? I hope it will help you to find your meaning of life.

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