Ayahuasca Experience by Sting

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Sting about Ayahuasca Experience

Sting talks about his ayahuasca experience

Have You ever thought why people sign up for this spiritual ceremony? Have You ever found the real opinions about Ayahuasca, from people You know or person You can trust ?

Sting, famous artist, his Ayahuasca experience. I knew for years now, that he has been interested in spiritual growth and practicing self development. You can read about Sting’s ayahuasca experience in his autobiography (published Years ago) or hear out the video below:



Why to do Ayahuasca Retreat ?

One of my friends got deeply Awakened, practially enlightened after ayahuasca ceremony. That could be one of the real reasons. To know the Truth, to get to know what’s at ‘the other side’. Most of my friends who attended ayahuasca ceremony, have had profound positive experience with this kind shamanic retreat.

Intelligence of this experience, feels like love, feels revealing, you could discover many visions and stories from Your life – this time knowing it’s sense. Mind revealing (psychodelic means ‘mind revealing’) experiences with ayahuasca, means that You can see your life, differents moment of Your life from different perspective.

To understand that You are part of the bigger picture, to understand that You are always protected. To understand more, to grow – that’s how I see use of shamanic plants and spiritual ceremonies.

What is Ayahuasca Effect?

Ayahuasca effects might be different for each individual, but most of the people experience deep connection with self, spiritual visions, contact with ‘the other side’. I often hear that the participants state, that they talked with God or true self (higher self). Very often, one of the most repeating stories heard during ayahuasca ceremony, is experiencing feeling of onenss, being lectured about love and connection between all beings.



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