Spiritual Exercises with Physical Training

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Spiritual Exercises and Physical Training

It is scientifically proven, that when you smile (even when you just force it physically) to yourself, that activates processes in the brain, it makes you feel more optimistic or even happy at the moment.

On the other side, when You think more optimistically (so you just use your mind), when you impose happy thoughts on yourself (even by force), it can produce simple physical smile.


As Body, Mind, Spirit – these 3 are connected into one system, they influence each other all the time. That means, touching one in ‘the right way’ by spiritual exercises or physical training, makes better the other. That is why there are sayings like this: ‘In healthy body, lives healthy spirit’.


I hope you really get that idea – on how body affects mind and spirit, also opposite way around. Please watch the Video, to understand how one, can improve the other 🙂

Spiritual or Physical Training?

Well, to make things clear, if you are really into spirituality and are looking for enlightenment, then spiritual exercises can really be anything, like for example:

Looking at your thoughts, Controlling Your Thoughts or Emotions, Looking at things froma  different perspective, Do Breathing or Yoga exercises, Feel Your heart, Interact with people that you would normally ignore, Observe Your Egos, Meditation, Watching YouTube Videos with different masters (and controlling your judgment), SunGazing (staring at the sun).


On the other side, physical exercises in spirituality can be something completely different than what you imagined:

Taking a cold shower, Having a massage (and trying to completely relax your thoughts during this physical act), Sex (in the way of connecting your body, emotions, into a physical act), Gym Training (while being conscious of your body, sometimes being conscious of physical pain), doing Yoga Postures, Staying in one position for a few minutes (executing willpower and physical strength at the same time), meditating (staying in the same pose physically), Touching an attractive person and not getting sexually excited 🙂


As You can see, physical training in spirituality is not only about going to the gym. And spiritual and breathing exercises are not only focused around yoga postures either.

How to combine exercises in spirituality

Spirituality is not only about Yoga postures and Meditation Techniques. It’s about how you feel. It’s about how you see things. It’s about how you breathe life.

That is real Yoga; that is real Union.

To be in the union, to be on a spiritual path, means that you will perceive more connection between detoxifying your body and feeling light and happy.

Thatwill progress you on feeling Love and connection with the Creator (The Father).

You will see how simple breathing exercises or being around higher vibrating people can influence your thoughts (and then you can use this high vibe in your work or relationships).

Taking a cold shower, for example, not only boosts your immune system, but can take your focus more into the body, can relax your mind, and can shift your energy completely. Later on, strange practices that you wouldn’t normally plan into your spiritual day take over as you understand that the more you clear your body, the clear in your mind you become thanks to your spiritual practice.

The clearer your mind and emotions are, the easier it is to lead a healthy, ‘never get ill again’ lifestyle.

These are just simple benefits of spirituality and proper spiritual processes connected with physical training.



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