Spiritual Awakening with the Masters

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What is Spiritual Awakening?

My girlfriend just got her Spiritual Awakening after four years of being together.

If I could simply describe what Awakening is, what happends when people get Awakened: You start to see different thoughts, voices in you, things that drive you. Simply explained, you start to see the real YOU inside, and other things like 13 different voices driving you every day. You start to understand that you are not your thoughts. Awakening can start you on a path to enlightenment.

Spiritual Awakening versus Enlightenment

Spiritual Awakening is like a first step to discover or even define spirituality. You start to understand that you are not your thoughts, you start to see how many things you did, depending on your thinking process. You start to see and believe how many things are completely non-logical and just wrong with this world (like ‘fighting for peace’ or ‘fucking for virginity’). You want The Change. That’s how you define awakening.

And some people stop there. It’s enough that they are smarter, brighter, they know the Truth. Some people do not stop here, then when they proceed with the intention of discovering much more, their life can be on a path to enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment is some kind of connection with the Father, a final destination, happiness, freedom of thought, goodness and love in you, health and wealth when you become a full creator.

Reaching Enlightenment with Masters

My personal experience is exactly that: a path to enlightenment, with different or the same spiritual exercises changing every second day, and different spiritual teachers every few months to reaching new spiritual knowledge every single day and working with my ego non-stop.

What drives me is the Intention of getting my spiritual awareness higher and higher. That is also the meaning of awakening.

There are ups and downs between. One day I’m on my knees, another day I feel like I’m at the top of the mountain. Or, I am with the Thoughts of The Father, just to come back to the ego moment later.

You will not hear the real truth of spiritual awakening or enlightenment from any teacher. They sweeten the truth, and fail to mention the amount of spiritual work you have to put in to get where you want to be.

So spirituality or enlightenment is not about meditating (even though it helps and connects you), it’s not about strange Yoga postures (even though they can change the energy in your chakras), it’s about intention and hard work to fulfill your dream of being happy without suffering.



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