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Mirin Dajo, the man who took Swords thru his Body

How to live as a Miracle

Immortal man, resistant to Swords. The Chi masters with the power to start fires, or to push charge of ‘electricity’ without touching you, to push you away without physical contact. Healers making cancer disappear, other practitioners. We talk about it all, Here.

When I show You UFO’s and Miracles

So You ask – is there Magic, are there Miracles, are there Aliens ?
I will show you the Answers. I will show you UFO videos filmed by many. Immortal people, other facts. And you say it is fake, it’s not possible, that it is not true.
Well ‘The Facts’ is a state of mind. If you are not ready for the existence of something, you will most likely, deny It.

Why we Deny ?

Denying is a simple response from a limited mind. Like an automatic response from neurons that are not ready to accept any system that destabilizes actual beliefs. There is a modern documentary from scientists showing how, and why it works that way. So it is all explained, why so many people deny the existence of other beings, even when I show them videos recorded by hundreds of people, over Jerusalem or Seattle or anywhere else.


What happens after new Reality is being shown to people

It has happened with many people I showed videos of UFOs, for example. If they are not ready for these simple facts, they deny the authenticity of some videos. Then I show them the same video, over Seattle, or over Israel, filmed by hundreds of people, and then, they stay quiet. They say nothing, because there is a mismatch between the fact, and their level of acceptance. They simply see that there is a reality that is not possible in their head. What I’m trying to say, even though they see the truth, is that they still cannot simply accept that ‘New truth’ and stay in the same past.

I have seen people, I met people, that I have shown, videos of hundreds of UFOS to and they literally turn their heads away from the screen to avoid seeing the images. Like they were afraid, or coded to not see the truth. Very Interesting, isn’t it? (I’m not doing that anymore by the way; it’s just irritating for me and for them)


What are Miracles, the Truth

Well, aside from coded society, closed mindseverything is possible. Here at The Switch, we talk about immortality openly. ‘The Magic’, or ‘true Miracles’ I am showing below are nothing more than an  acceptance of higher matter, God you could say, and expressing greater possibilities that humanity hasn’t revealed (openly) yet.


How does Miracles works

So does the Magic exist? Well, for simple people it is called Magic, or Miracles. For me at the beginning – I called it real Magic.

Then I learned through the teaching of Buddha, Jesus, many others alive today, that it is nothing more than an energy and manifestation of life in Practice, that anybody could do all of it (that’s what Jesus was saying all the time – that anybody could do what he was, didn’t he?).

Here are a few examples. There was man on Earth, there are still men on earth living (maybe more and more of them), who gained special skills, special powers. Well, again, there is nothing special in it, but that’s how society would see it at the moment.


Human possibilities

Immortal man resistant to Swords. The Chi masters with the power to start fires, or to push the charge of electricity without touching you, to push you away without using any force. Healers making cancer disappear, other practitioners. We talk about it all here.

For Beginners in Spirituality and people wondering where all this is coming from, I just want to mention that by listening to all those special men, from the past or the present, you will discover that they have very direct thing in common:

They all talk about the manifestation of a higher force, that they are Aligned with (that could be said in many different ways).


P.S. I know you, you are under pressure. You are busy. You have a lot of your own knowledge. I know. But you can always dust yourself off, open your mind, clear your mind, choose differently, accept other better options that always existed, only that knowledge was taken away a long time ago.


Mirin Dajo:


Chi master healer:


Ufo over Jerusalem

Cancer disssapearence:


Chi master

Monk Breaks Stick:

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