Marijuana’s Affects on Spirituality: The Truth about smoking Cannabis

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Marijuana effects – Medical, Recreational, Ceremonial

I don’t really know Miss Swan, who you can watch below. It’s just the second spiritual video of hers that I saw online. But its value, regarding smoking medical cannabis, or just recreational marijuana use is simply greater than I expected. All that she said in this material about marijuana’s effects is confirmed with my conscious studies of cannabis and other plants in spirituality. Those studies give a fresh look on marijuana use for every-day smokers.

The main questions here are: Can we use Cannabis for personal development? Can it help with spiritual growth? What is the downside of using marijuana?

Concepts about Cannabis smoking, explained in Teal Swan’s video

  • Marijuana as spiritual drug
  • How marijuana alters and expands your spiritual awareness
  • Medical Marijuana use in practice and spirituality


So basically this discusses how marijuana works, if you can get addicted to cannabis, what are the ups and downs of using cannabis or any other substances. Marijuana effects might be surprising, so it is nice to know and understand the details of how to use marijuana and how it could influence your personal development.

Cannabis use as a Plant Teacher

  • Frequencies of a plant, Marijuana as a Teacher
  • What can we learn from Cannabis (oneness, less resistance, love, feeling yourself, presence, see your fears)
  • Why we react different to cannabis
  • How to share a space with a cannabis plant
  • How to use intention when working with a plant

A very interesting fact mentioned by Teal Swan is how to ‘befriend the plant’ and how to set an intention before using marijuana. It’s good to know and program the intention before using cannabis. Even though every spiritual master will recommend ‘organic’ spiritual growth, we do experience moments of subconscious and conscious marijuana healing when using it. But the truth is that it’s much nicer to learn how to heal yourself naturally without using any substance.

What else comes with Marijuana in Spirituality

  • Release, physical effects of plants
  • What happens when a low vibe person and a high vibe person use pot
  • Conscious intention versus subconscious intention while smoking cannabis
  • Why some people experience a surfacing of their subconscious resistance, fears (and then, sometimes they never want to smoke marijuana again)
  • Benefits of cannabis teachings
  • Destabilization of the brain from thoughts and releasing body issues (flowing true essence of life)
  • Case by case scenario of using cannabis
  • Dependency of using cannabis and escaping reality and the true self
  • Organic shift of consciousness versus using marijuana
  • Escaping from feelings by using cannabis (preventing, slowing down learning, I would say – sometimes it is also learning in different way)
  • Medical (ceremonial) cannabis use, to release resistance and get to a more natural, healthier level of existence
  • Using substances as a way to look for relief
  • Organic experience of spirituality instead of using substances like marijuana for healing

That being said, a lot of nice things are mentioned about cannabis, but there are also questions of marijuana addiction. It’s true that you can evolve into depending on the plant to release your concious and subconscious attention. Other people just misuse the plants or substances, like using marijuana too often, or as I see it, in too much of a ‘recreational’ way.

It’s all part of spiritual growth though because there is teaching in every situation. So I hope that you can see your issues, and learn and grow from them, with or without any additional help in your spiritual development.

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