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How to Listen, How to trust the Universe, How to Trust Life

It’s all about how we get to the top of the life these days. It’s about How to Live. Many of us get all the success, with lust, with greed, and we usually get to the place where having everything means nothing.

This material below, from Adyashanti, shows us how to trust in the original wisdom of life, which also means how to live happy lives.

Spirituality means how to understand and listen to life in different life circumstances, to learn to understand, and learn to trust that everything has its order.

To connect to the Divine, be together with something sacred, without anxiety about life is a real spiritual understanding and development, and brings peace in practice.

Being the Listener as a serious spiritual practice

Listening is an act of faith; there is something valuable in listening.

There is something we can learn from the original flow of life, something that usually we do not have any time to just stop and listen in our fast-paced life. We miss simple spirituality, or actually we could say that we miss self-awareness.

How many people these days just run through life without stopping?

To study Zen and How to Live

To stop and listen is not difficult, but it needs a moment, some attention, some disconnection from ‘me’, ‘I want’ and ‘I want’. That’s what I have been learning for years now: how to stop for a moment and just be.

These studies have an answer to a serious question: How to feel good.

Finding the Truth

When you study some contemplation, meditation, prayer, or other techniques that have been known for ages, you get to the point of being closer to yourself, closer to your heart.

Things around you become clearer, your mind is more objective, you become sharper. Surroundings do not disturb you that much, you can simply distinguish truth from the lie. You can feel and understand what is good for you, between people, as between different life moments and your coded beliefs. So this is also about how to be aware and how to live happily.


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