Just When You Think the Devil has Won

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When You find Yourself, Spiritually, and in Life

This was my story: getting lost, looking for satisfaction in sex, money, power, egoic processes, in the quick ego-rich ‘happiness’, the sweetness of candy, alcohol, substances (nothing wrong with these things in themselves), in my daily life.

And then something happened: I got nowhere with all that satisfaction of my ego by following money and success (‘everyday life’). I was simply crushed.

The only difference in the video was that Jesus (or God) jumps in to help a victim: that is you.

But, in real life, nobody jumps for anything. You have to choose. You have to make a choice to turn your mind to the Jesus, God, a Higher Self or Buddha, or whatever you believe in. It’s all the same spiritual divine essence. It’s not jumping for you. You have to reach and strive for It. You are the creator, nobody creates anything for you.


Hi, It was Mike.


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