Imagine Life Without Fear

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Exercise to loose Fears

That’s what the song is about. This video is recorded in Riviera Maya, Mexico – a place where I live and rest all year long. A place where you can relax, feel the beauty of earth, feel your soul.

Exercise: Imagine your  life is clear, no issuesno problemsno fear. You just imagine all that crap probably. I know.

Imagine you are clear of all that Bull. For a moment or a few minutes. Like Your life is perfect. I did this exercise at least 20 times in last couple of years. It was not enough.

Eventhough my life is close to perfect, one could say. This exercise still surprises me when I do it. Like my mind is not ready, my mind is surprised when I tell it that everything is perfect and I won at life, that there are no issues to resolve. Like the game is over and I won. My mind acts then surprised.
Why do you think it is like that?

Regards, Mike

Hi, It was Mike.


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