I am That I am

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What is The Name of God? I am That I am

There are many names of God, some of them forbidden. In ancient languages, the real name of God, when spoken, was supposed to be so powerful that mortals couldn’t use it. Well, we will not get into magic but you can watch this material to look for the answer to what God’s name is. What does it mean? I am that I am.

How we are all One

I am That, I am That. We are all one: to see God, to see yourself in every action, in every person, in every mistake, in every theft, every fight, in every happy moment and love. In this spiritual motivational video you can hear a lot about that: giving means the same as receiving. At the beginning it makes no sense. Later, after years of studies, you can see how psychologically, when you give, you feel better and you are more ready to receive. But when you are in separateness, when you are in Ego, you look to protect yourself and only to Get.


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