How to Work and Travel.

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Work & Travel, but Value Your Time.

Value Your time

Remember my friends, you came here with a body, soul and time to experience. This is all we have here, a body, soul and time. Value your time – don’t work too hard, don’t work at all, unless You really like your work 🙂

Ways of making freelance money and travelling


– Couch, first you need a place to stay, for free naturally. The best examples for short term stays is, Not only you can stay with people on their couch for free, but they will take care of you, show you around, share their life hacks. Also couchsurfing meetings are a very interesting way of spending time with travellers and natural, open people

How to Work and Travel.

– House sitting, house-sitting is one of the most original ideas I heard during last year. Maybe it was so illuminating because the guy who presented it to me was a very awakened person living in the Guatemalan jungle, in proximity to Atitlan Lake. Before he was house sitting some homes in Belize, where he spent 7 years living like this, making friends and chilling. Some of the houses were large and luxurious, he says. By the way, besides that, he was engaged in some online business for years, a making passive income from websites commercials, and marketing ads on other people websites. P.S. sometimes you can even get paid for doing house sitting
– Photography, and I’m talking not only photo-sessions with people. You can also sell a variety of pictures to internet photo-banks and earn a living. You can photograph surfers or different sports-man and sell pics to them (which is supposedly more tough these days).
Also, commercial photos for hotels and travel agencies and weddings are a big deal, you can make 2,000 USD and more per wedding (300-500 USD per hour of work)
You can also listen to police reports on the radio and drive quickly to crime and accidents scenes, magazines pay well for those photos.
– Personal Trainer, a profession that is more required as people all over the world tend to be more egocentric and want a good look and shape  (sometimes we do train because of health and other actually important reasons)
–, volunteer work on farms and other places. It’s a great opportunity to work in Hawaii or any other places where you would have to spend loads of money just to be there for a couple of weeks. I know lawyers in their 30s, ex PriceWaterhouseCooper employees and elites from around the world who do this – so it’s no shame to participate, trust me
– Diving, become a diver with a license and teach people how to dive in the best places around the world.
– Exotic Dancer, You see, being a stripper in Miami is for sure better than being in a white collar (get rich or die trying) job in rainy and cold London. If you don’t understand it, then I cannot convince you (this idea is some jokey sarcasm). I have also friends who are guys and were doing it (getting tons of women by the way), and it doesn’t always have to mean  that you are a whore (even though my friend Tom who used to work like this, had very mixed feelings about this stripping environment). Just because I write about this or that, it doesn’t mean I recommend this job to you.
– Testing Products, I mention in the video that testing merchandise is just an easy way to travel, you can earn thousands of dollars this way for testing backpacks, cameras, glasses in the field. Somebody has to do it, why not You?
– Selling Tickets. If you have no other idea but you are dying from cold, work and your shitty life, you can always go to Ibiza (island of Spain) or Cancun (paradise in Mexico), and sell very expensive Club tickets (100 USD) and get 15-20 USD commissions from those sales. In high season, you could do 100-300 USD per night in commissions, however if you are not the greatest seller, you might not make enough to survive
– Selling Trips. In very touristy places like Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, you can sell tours easily and get commissions. Well, it’s not that easy, but it’s just another very simple way of making money temporarily. You can also start a website that recommends and sell these trips and live from the passive income. If you don’t have a website but you have lots of time and ideas, then let me know because I’ve got already this website ready but I’m not using it (because I have too much other business). My website was called and it’s ready to use in anyway (at least 5 different ways) to make money easily right now
– Ayahuasca Ceremonies, I know it’s not really a commercial product to earn money, but, there are spiritual people who organize trips and make tons of money (1,000 USD per night for 10-15 people). You can also refer people to those special nights and get some commission. I did that only a couple of times (again, I’m missing time for doing all of that I mention or I prefer doing nothing most of the time)
– Tour Guide, Easy (or not) money working with international clients. Russians and rich Brazilians might leave you some good tips at the end of the day (that’s what I’ve heard from friends), so not only you can earn 50-100 USD per day, but sometimes you can get some tips or meet interesting people and expand.
– Online Work, this is big subject. There is so much going on online and so much not yet invented. You could start a website with literally anything that you know and can share. And learn to make traffic on this site. It can be something stupid and shallow or the most advanced knowledge humanity has ever seen. You can do marketing, referrals to other people businesses and make 1-2k USD like this easily. Again, sometimes it’s not about the amount of money you make, but about not being a slave. There are online marketing gurus on YouTube who will tell you where to start and how to sell something without even having the website! The world is full of possibilities these days. Try something you actually like.
At YouTube, people are earning money by having like 500k hits on their videos with different tutorials, also smashing things, doing jokes, messing with each other. You don’t have to be a genius these days in order to quit your job and become a YouTuber, however a successful YouTuber is something you can achieve, with small tips from people who made it or just riding your accidental fluke.
In the meantime, if you are looking for Inspiration, check out what people are already doing for each other on this website:

– Call centers, in many countries, English speakers are needed in call centers, here in Mexico different speakers are especially needed for Americans, Brazilians, Russians – you name it. Easy to get work, even though the work might be demanding because, in many cases, you will need to sell; in other call centers, you will just talk with people
– Timeshare, the same with timeshare in Cancun, Mexico. Big business where they hire you on the spot. But the trick is to sell expensive apartments in hotels. You can easily make 2-10k USD per month, the best sellers who are doing it usually live rich ‘Miami lifestyles’ – which often includes some different quantities of alcohol, cocaine, women that are getting paid for sex, a party life with party people. Although most of the timeshare people I know more closely are living a decent life with meditation and peace (no party needed.)
– Vacation Planner, plan vacations for other people, and have fun like it’s yours


Notes from the Videos :
– Get out of your room, your comfort zone
– What is the first smallest thing that you can do today to push your luck
– Mindset is important
– Running around and asking, looking for money or luck – it helps. But remember that your mindset is the most important. With a poor mindset, you can run all day and find no love or money. With the right mindset, I just stay in my room, and receive good news, money, offers – without moving a finger (I know it’s a little bit cocky, but that’s the truth, plus very often, I do little things to bring luck if I need it).

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