How to Relax & do Quantum Jumps

The Switch Video

How to Relax and Reach Advancement

First, take all the every-day life crap that you carry all the time from your shoulders. Yes, leave it behind. This is The Switch in Your mind.

To relax very often means to leave work for a moment, leave behind some issues, even get out of a relationship for a moment, to retrieve your internal balance and fountain of energy 🙂

The point is to get to in balance again. For some people who are filled with toxins and haven’t rested for decades, that could mean four-week retreat in the desert (to start).

For me, it’s just few hours on the beach, or a one night trip to Tulum (Riviera Maya, Mexico) and I feel aligned again. Sometimes, after some tough work, weeks of stress, it takes me 2-3-4 days of diet to relax, spend more time with nature, and an “I don’t give a shit” attitude – that is always helpful when you’re trying to leave all the bills and stressful life behind.

Hi, It was Mike.


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