How to Pray effectively

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Exercise to practice:

– What do you really want. Don’t be afraid, and tell me, what do you really want?
–Make a short list of positive things to pray for
– Practice for months, multiple times during the day
– Expect miracles, expect that a positive outcome will overwhelm you (why not give it a chance?)

How it all started with a prayer

I was about five. They told me to pray before I went to sleep. So I prayed, every time I had a  problem or wish, I prayed. Then I stopped when I was growing up, around 12-14 years old. Magic was disappearing from my life as I became an ‘adult’. I mean I started to become disconnected from universe, imagination. Instead of this, the EGO (as Wayne Dyer says: Edge God Out) and logic part of the brain was taking over completely. It took me years to switch back again to its origins, to the Source, to its Magic.

But What is prayer?

I will explain this in secular (non-religious) way. It is not necessary to come up with religion, no matter if we are Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, or Atheist. Prayer works the same. I will explain it in a practical, ‘laboratory’ way.

Prayer is a physical expression of your intention (no matter whether you pray out loud or in your thoughts). Prayer is just another way of expressing your thought.

How prayer works?

For people who have problems with understanding airy-fairy (because we are too enclosed in the logical side of the brain):

Whenever we think, speak or pray, our subconscious mind is listening, like a sponge. We create its world because this part of us is always listening. And he, or she, only understands  what we speak about. That’s why it is important to think and talk optimistically. So the subconscious mind is always trying to help us with the things that we think about. It gives back what it has been programmed for (listened before). It helps us to find our purpose that we speak about all the time. Does it make any sense ?


Now imagine what happens if you speak mostly about unpaid bills and how life difficult is.
Also, imagine what happens if you speak mostly about love, friendship, health, and great moments in life..


A little more technicalities on Prayer, Thought, Energy

You can also study recent (last 100 years) scientific discoveries, that humans present our own form as well as a field of energy, that is stretching not only in couple of meters around us, but probably to the whole universe (in a very subtle way). It’s not something that the human mind can understand now, so I don’t expect that we can feel it at the moment. You can read more about Auras here.


pic. each Chakra has its main colour 🙂

So what Your Aura, Subconcious Mind, Energy Contains ?

Now think of this, this energy field of yours, what does it contain? God’s wish? Other people’s purpose? Your neighbour’s problems?

Of course the energy that we produce is representing us. How do we produce this or other energy? By thought and imagination. No? Why not? – So where do you think it’s coming from? You think that somebody comes and gives you this or that character or energy? You think if there is any creator, he likes to have things fixed? Do you think that playing cards in a casino, or coming up with a new business, or meeting new people, would be so interesting if your game is fixed and you always win?


Thought is creating our presence and future (and past as well, it influences the past, but this is more complicated science so we will talk about it in very advanced videos). Thought is creating Energy and the Physical. That’s the Creation process. That’s why some people feel kind and nice when you meet them, and others are just heavy from the beginning. Becoming a light and nice being  is an art itself.

How to Pray, Technically

So How to Pray Effectively? Let’s put it in simple terms:
– It has to be simpledirectalways positive, like ‘please make me strong’
– Your subconscious mind supposedly doesn’t understand the meaning of words like ‘No’, so do not pray as ‘No dis-ease please’, because the universe understands it as: ‘disease please’
– positive prayer is enhanced by feelings of gratitude, mercy, strong desire or love, feelings that come from the heart, which enhance the energy of the thought, so it might hit the jackpot quicker than you think
– enhancing feelings with thought; it works both ways and that’s why some unconscious fears are manifested in life
– you have equal rights of being listened to, every thought, every desire is good, as long it’s not harmful to others
– to pray effectively, clear your subconscious mind with affirmations, and clear positive prayer
– there is no best time or place for prayer; some places have more energy though, some positions might be more effective as well
– Be happy, Light this feeling up in Your Mind, and Your Soul. Bring it up, then make a wish, embrace it (it’s opposite to being serious and devout)
– The Masters say: a feeling of gratitude is a great factor to enhance your being as well, think of all good things you already have or had, embrace that feeling, then make a wish (pray)
– What if there is a God, but he is NOT managing all of this. What if prayer is a form of talking with our subconscious mind or some kind of our higher self in a different higher dimension (that we can call god, gods or whatever). What if you actually pray to some parts of yourself, to receive things on this platform we call God (Good).
– what if the universe express your desires, thoughts, every time you actually think, would it be nice to consciously express some intentions with prayer (and connect this prayer to the good feelings, to enhance it, so it is stronger than the other 60 thousand thoughts per day)?
– Practice all this, and get super excited with your manifestations. Becoming a conscious Creator is one of the best things in the world (besides sex, besides eating the best Angus steak without knowing how it died) – it is a big Joke at the end 🙂

Hi, It was Mike.


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