How to live in the Present

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How to live in the moment: The forgotten art of living.

There are people who devoted their lives to living in the present, like Eckhart Tolle, the famous Awakened (I think Enlightened) Teacher.

How to live in the present is the art of losing all the worries of the past and future, and focusing on living Now.

These days we, well most of us, are doing anything but living in the present moment. We forgot how to live in the moment.

By running after work, bills, money, love, sex, always thinking what’s next, we got into Ego-Mind Trap of looking for satisfaction with more action and more things.

Listen to how you can release yourself and live in the now.

In search of living in the present

So what makes some billionaires of today and the past leave their fortunes and companies to join awakened and enlightened masters in search of how to live in the moment?

Unhappiness, my friends, is the call from the soul that lets us know we can do better. That’s why people turn to the teachings of some of my favorite spiritual masters, like Thich Nhat Hanh.

These days, we’re always running from A to B and losing out on life in the moment. And some of us achieved everything in this quest: fortunes worth billions, nice families, friends, and are all accomplished, but still feel we’re missing happiness and real fulfillment.

The ego and the mind trap of running through life’s accomplishments are dictating the pace of our life, and distracting our focus from what’s important.

Focus on the Now: Switch your Mind

And here comes The Switch. To live Now is to live in the moment. No big effort is needed; actually, the only thing you need to do is drop the weight from your shoulders.

When I walk in the morning I focus on the now, on the palm trees, the street, the birds singing, the beauty of nature. I leave business, crying children, broken hearts, unpaid bills, and other things behind.

To enjoy the moment is a practice. To explain it with words is impossible. But I can show you how much your Ego makes you worried all of the days of your miserable life, that you realize that there might be another way to live a happier life. And trust me, to find a balance between doing and being is a great effort and I’m trying to practice this for years now. But it is true, that if you aspire to achieve a stress-free life, the switch in your mind is always just one thought away.


How to Live in the Now

It’s to know there is no-where to run, no-where to hide, that you are always in the same place, in your body, on this planet speeding around the sun at rate of 67,000 miles per hour. No matter if you are a millionaire, or just naked in the forest, you are still in the same place: in your body.

You are still in the same place, in your thoughts, in your emotions. What I’m saying is that even if you travel around the world, you don’t actually go anywhere. You are always in your thoughts and emotions. Have you ever tried to travel with a broken heart? Where ever you go, the broken heart is with you, nothing can fix it, because you are always in the same space – in Your Heart.

To be in the Now, to be in present, is to realize all that. Stop worrying. Focus on what you are doing, like you’re in the last moments of your life. Choose what you are doing better, like it is your last day of living. Accept what it is and enjoy it, no matter the outcome. Be in the present moment, Switch to Now, forget the bills, successes and failures you had. Enjoy the Moment 🙂

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