How to find Yourself in Life

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How to discover Yourself in Life.

Listen to Marc’s story about how to find yourself, how to discover life. There are other interesting stories on the subject of how to follow intuition, your own guidance, how to find happiness in life.

Here at The Switch we talk with the most interesting and awakened people around the world, to share their stories of how they followed their inner guidance. I ask them how to live life, how to live happy.

I met Marc when camping on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. We exchanged some experiences about our newly found/lost loves, our Awakenings in life, magic, and synchronicity.


Magic and Synchronicity.

Stop and Think. Give yourself time. Ask te universe how you can find yourself. Evolution will come. You will experience magic only when you slow down. Detach from society; it’s pointless running. You can be a sheep, or you can exercise how to connect to the Creator, how to use your intuition, how to be inspired. That is something amazing, something we encourage you to try.

Find yourself, live in the moment, see the magic of life, experience how to live with intuition and guidance. What an amazing life!

Discovering Life and Your Purpose.

Learn from all kinds of people, see the divine reflection in others. Look for happiness, understand how to live your life.

Find the connection between Awakened Minds. Different people speak literally the same words.

Discover life while looking for happiness. Finding yourself after nothing has worked so far. Bringing success and wealth to your life just to see how it misleads you to more serious realizations. Awakening and guidance. Follow Your inner excitement. That’s what we do at The Switch 🙂

Thank You, Marc.

Hi, It was Mike.