How to become Breatharian

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A Breatharian tells his story

Again, for people who are hearing about breatharianism for the first time, this story might make not much sense. For me, practicing what people like Ray Mears have been saying and doing, about a pranic lifestyle, breatharianism, fasting, states of joy and energy – it all comes to one good point. It is inspiring that you can meet individuals who explain how to become a breatharian.

How to reach Breatharianism

For a few tips on how to become a breatharian, you can listen to Ray others like him. It’s important to mention that Ray is, or was, just a regular logical guy like me; he is computer programmer, but his calling was to become something more than that.

  1. First tip: Intention of becoming something more than you are
  2. Participating in energy activation of the light body (Pranic Activation), performed by the most developed people
  3. Breatharian Retreat, with the help of a developed breatharian, you can do 8, 10, 21 processes with different masters around the world
  4. Experiment yourself 🙂

There are a lot of nice things you can hear from experienced breatharians who already went through their process. How they eliminated eating from their diet. How they did dry fasting. They answer the questions and doubts to show how detoxifying the body with fasting transforms many people into more awakened beings.

In those cases, a higher consciousness comes into play more, in different levels of existence. Your life changes.

Life changing processes are bringing intuition and listening to the internal master (process). Life becomes easier.

Breatharian Diet

Sometimes it is simple: no food and no water. Other cases of breatharians I met on my way were: no food and some water or tea sometimes.

There are also breatharian people who mostly live on light energy, having a meal sometimes, either for pleasure, or to get some energy from it.

Benefits from Bretharianism

Breatharian people say many interesting things:

  • they have much more energy
  • they feel better
  • they do not get sick
  • they don’t fall into ego and emotional processes like before
  • often they sleep much less, like only four hours a day

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