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pic. Thanks to: Del Sol Photography

How Shy

I was always very shy. Well maybe not just me, now I see. Maybe we all are, except a few pathological individuals (jokey). We all do have one close, or far friend, who has no shame, or is just naturally brave. I got Steeve. He is one of the best pickup artists. He is just a natural, very open person, so it came easy in his case. Learn from the best.

Since I saw one of the famous shows from the late 80’ties called ‘Miami Vice’ on TV, I knew that my dream was to live in a Miami-like place, drive a convertible and make love to beautiful women. That was it. I was about 6-7 years old then. I knew what Big Baller was, at least to me.

Switch to Cancun

Now, I’m living in Cancun, meeting beautiful (inside and outside) people every second day. I’m keeping sex away from this article for the moment, consciously.

Before, it was different, I used to live in Poland. Poland in 80’ties and 90’ties was a closed society, with closed girls and closed minds. Now, Poland it is much better and more fun over there, but remember, that I was growing up, in a post-communist, Cuba-like country, but without a warm sea, hot Latinas and fancy old cars.

was shy as hell with getting to know people, or even when I was going to write something on the blackboard (whiteboard) at school. It was worse was when I wanted to go talk to a beautiful girl.

Overcoming shyness

Between my early 20, like 20-25 years old, I was partying a lot, sometimes a few times a week. I always had one or a couple of girlfriends around, but I was hardly ever meeting any new girls, because even being drunk in the club, it was difficult to overcome shyness. I didn’t know how to build confidence and use my potential to realize my dreams.

It’s especially hurtful when your dream is to become a Big Baller, and one of the biggest hits of this program is gorgeous women.

For other people, to overcome shyness might mean something totally different. Like being brave enough to start some business, or a family, or to start with some practices (physical or mental), or to jump out of a plane.

These days I hardly ever go out or drink. Usually, at 8.30 pm, I’m sitting in my place in Cancun (or anywhere else where it’s warm), fully pyjama’d, meditating, watching some movie, chilling, reading. Women are not a big problem anymore, well they still are, but in a very different way (laughing…:).

Going out in Cancun

But, tonight, the boys are going out. Me and my friend went to one of the fancy Cancun Beach Hotel ME by Melia to spend some time by the open pool bar with some disco sounds.


pic. Hotel Me by Melia 

Imagine I was so shy and uncomfortable before, especially with women. Today, sitting on a couch close to the pools, I was trying to split a couple of gay chicks to make one of them come with me to my place.
The important thing to mention here is that I am a believer. I believe that women might need a man, no matter her sexual orientation. I mean, I also understand that some women do not need us, because they prefer women, the same gender. That is cool. But most of them jump from one idea to other (which is also very much OK), which makes them more kind of bisexual. That’s why I think it is worth it for a man to bother gay chicks,

Well first, I sat down with my friend in this Rose Bar. He went to chat with somebody. Me, I introduced a couple of nice Afro-American girls who were staying there to the very comfortable couch I was sitting at. The girls were gay (again), but one of them was very interesting, the way she acted, the way she moved. After a few seconds, I discovered that both of them were super nice so something was going on. So I asked them to sit with me.

Talking with Girls

I was trying to talk one of them into letting me take the other one home with me (even though they were a couple and staying together in this hotel). No shyness. No shame. I was also offering to take both of them home. Why not? I was rested and sober (I hardly ever drink these days). It was just a nice, fun conversation.

You might be thinking that I was talking dirty to them, about my proposal and so on. Well Yes, and No. The way I see the Awakening in practice is that you have more fun in life and you don’t take everything so seriously. So while I was very serious when asking them to come with me, at the same time I wasn’t. And they were the same. Anyways, if they were to come back to my place, we would probably have a nice conversation, a couple of drinks, and just spend time in a great companionship. I wouldn’t be disappointed that there was no sex, as I wouldn’t get too much euphoria if there was. That’s the meaning of life for me, just be happy with any outcome, but also use the potential in the right way.

What actually happened

To my future or actual girlfriend: At the end of the night, I came back home solo. I’ve let the universe play the cards (like there was any other choice…). Looks like, these days I like to run around, and talk to people for fun (I’m becoming Steeve?). I have also noticed that this or any other way I experience is the train of life constantly, but also I practice going through the detachment. Not getting too attached to conversations, people, beauty, love. The detachment I’m trying to train also relates to my relationships. For now, reality looks pretty poorly in that department (relationships): I fall in love easily, almost like a little girl. I get attached quickly as well, like to a drug.
Funny thing is, before, I was sure that I’d almost never fall in love. And that’s how it was. And that’s how well I knew myself (sarcasm).
Then I moved to Mexico, I just noticed that problems I though I had falling in love are all not true. I can fall for someone easily. But it has to be a beautiful and addictive girl. Someone who pushes your fire-starter. Before, there was no one much (with 2-3 exceptions who were may be the strongest ones) who really pushed that in me. Enough.

Potential Judgement

And if you think that there was anything wrong to my past or present behavior, you should see what girls in Cancun and Playa del Carmen are doing, how they are living. Not even one of them mentions any stories, but their deals put me in the row somewhere between the Monk and the Scout-boy. Or judge everything, we do judge anyways.

There are at least, at least (again), five interesting bigger sides to this story. I hope you read all of them.

5 sides to this Story

First side

is the girls looked tough. And I don’t have any experience dealing with lesbians on vacation (me trying to be funny). Nor with tough people. But I asked them to sit with me, I discovered they were just super open and fun. So I would take them anywhere with me, not just to my place in the middle of the night. I would go with them anywhere; it’s just rewarding to surround yourself with nice and easy people, so I do that on every occasion. Everybody should.

pic. Mike with Girls

Especially the girl in the middle (of the pic), she was so sweet. When I asked her ‘if I can steal her girlfriend to take her my place’, her Ego didn’t even blinked an eye. She was just natural, open, super nice – no anger, problems, anything. She was just sweet every second. Maybe it’s just Cancun working like this on people, or it’s that she just mastered being a nice, easy person.

It feels great to talk to really nice people. And by really nice, I mean that some people I meet are on a different level of friendliness and kindness. I mean they are all nice, but some of them you can feel so good and at home just by talking with them. That’s one of my new life purposes, meet and talk to people like that – beautiful, kind, open. Nothing feels better than that (unless maybe sex with a soulmate – How to find a soulmate)

Second side of the story

There is no shyness in me. Before trying to split those girls, I talked to about a dozen of different gorgeous girls staying in this hotel. It was a special night. Special because not only there was a lot of beautiful women, and I wasn’t shy, but that I had having energy to do all this. It wasn’t always like that.

Third side of the story

My training helped: Self Mind-programming, Affirmations, NLP techniques, at least 20 points on ‘How to overcome the shyness learned from my practice, years of thinking and trying different strategies with my mind. A few years of training  by talking to random people. Exercises of Raising Kundalini. Elements of Yoga breathing and physical training. Psychological studies on how the subconscious mind works and how to communicate with the conscious mind. Conscious dreaming. Relaxing and changing my egos (Big Ego goes with many single issues, and many teachers call it egos instead of one ego). Hundreds of hours of Meditations. Trying to make millions and lost health. Got better and Awakened.

That’s how to get there. With work and fun. Awakening helped for sure. I see things differently now. I say: Live Fully. Don’t Judge. Exploit potential. Be brave. Try not to hurt anybody on the way. Realize your dreams. Be nice.

Fourth side of the story

Spoiled dream. As soon as you get all that you dreamed of, you will see it was superficial dreaming and something is missing. And by something, I mean a lot: Bliss, happiness, sometimes confidence in life, purpose in life, happiness again. Being successful might bring pleasure, but most likely it will not bring you closer to happiness. Having a lot of success is nice, but it’s not It. I will Repeat: Get Awakened and take it all. Success and the Bliss, having money and being happy. And being more nice and better to others.

Fifth side to the story:

Judgement of people. Because I did this or that, you don’t like it. You wish something, but you didn’t do it. That’s why the judgement. You judge others when you judge yourself. And in reverse, when you judge them, your subconscious part doesn’t see the difference between them and you, so your subconscious mind thinks that you’re judging that, and that’s it. You’ve been judged by yourself without knowing it. The basics of psychology are useful to understand  all this.


So take it easy. Live and experience, but don’t get too excited by someone’s or yours, or my issues. Get Awakened, or get more awakened and reach Enlightenment. Realize Your Dreams. See the truth is somewhere else. Here we talk, about a dog’s life, about spoiled and marvellous Miami-beach lifestyles, or a poor dog’s fife beach style (whatever, both of them are good). We will discuss this more in  ‘The Switch’ part of this website – how to get more energy, how to motivate yourself, how to overcome fears and become real Big Baller – how to be an awakened, rich, healthy, super nice person with noble priorities in life.

Hi, It was Mike.


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