How to Connect with Nature and Prayer

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How to connect with the Elements, Pray and Recharge in Nature

Actually, there are lots of simple spiritual techniques that you can use by yourself to recharge your body or at least to recharge spiritual energy that body holds as well.

One of them, in shamanic practice (shamanic, because I know it mostly from ceremonies and shamanic practices) is about How to Connect to Nature – connecting with the four natural elements: Air, Water, Sun, Earth.

To blend in, to breathe with all that, to feel it, to be part of it, to accept it as it is, to open all energy channels in the body and breathe energy from nature in; that’s the intention and the whole practice. If you do it right, you will feel refreshed, clearer, sometimes even inspired.

How to Pray

First, prayer is not a really part of big spirituality overall. We pray all the time for different wishes without knowing it. Prayer can be more conscious though, it can have a spiritual goal in life as well. So it is nice to know how to use that. You can also check out this article: How to Pray effectively


How to speed up your spiritual process

Or, how to get in touch with yourself, so that everything begins to be clearer, easier, more resourceful, and that’s what video above is about: it’s spirituality in practice.


Spiritual Alignment in Nature

For years I have been going to chill in the forests of Poland and nature generally. But just a few years ago, shamans and other spiritually developed people started to show me how I could significantly improve that process with the right intention and a few simple exercises. It seems that consciousness and intention manage all processes. You can go to a forest for a couple of hours and come out of it feeling more peaceful or refreshed, or you can use the right intention when you are there and leave the place fully inspired with much more energy. These are ‘spiritual exercises

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