Spiritual Exercises and Physical Training It is scientifically proven, that when you smile (even when you just force it physically) to yourself, that activates processes in

Who is Yogananda If you are looking for Enlightened masters, you should meet (see) Paramahansa Yogananda. He’s a deep mystic who came from India to

Spiritual Ceremonies in Mexico - How to Start? There is many interesting Ceremonies in Mexico, but why, with whom, how do you do them and

The Spiritual Teacher: Devotion in Spirituality This sweet and kind young Master, the 'second' (reincarnated) Kalu Rinpoche, makes me more peaceful just by listening to

When you are stuck in the past with no Wifi or Electricity and need to carry a battery with you :) Have you ever thought

Sign Up for Ayahuasca Ceremony Information   Ayahuasca Retreats in Mexico and the World The first time I heard about Ayahuasca was years ago. I was

Sign Up for Kambo Ceremony Information   What is Kambo Basically Kambo Medicine is the substance collected from frog’s skin. The indigenous people of South America have been using it for thousends

How to live as a Miracle Immortal man, resistant to Swords. The Chi masters with the power to start fires, or to push charge of ‘electricity’ without

Exercise to loose Fears That’s what the song is about. This video is recorded in Riviera Maya, Mexico – a place where I live and

Exercise to practice: – What do you really want. Don’t be afraid, and tell me, what do you really want? –Make a short list of positive things

Where Easy Mind comes from? Easy mind you are born with, but Ego structures are taking over very fast.   How Easy Mind works? With ‘Easy Mind’, you

What is Crazy Mind? Crazy mind is something that you already know really well without realizing it. Crazy mind means the egoic delusional mind that you

Some Basics about a Temazcal Ceremony Basically, Temazcal is a small dome that serves as a Sauna (also known as sweat lodge orsteambath). It is one of

What is Aura? Well technically, an Aura it’s just a frequency of your vibration represented in colours. It’s your energy visible in frequencies that are shown in

'The Switch' is about Technical Spirituality in Practice.   The Idea is simple: Switch to a Better Life, thanks to technicality of spiritual practices, explained by logic

Exercise to practice: – Think about life: how positive is it right now. Some prices are low, we still have rain forests, you can go

Films to Watch: – The Secret (You can find it on YouTube) - THRIVE (the same as above)   :) What is the famous Secret Have you heard about

Exercise to practice: – Make a list of the things you expect from your perfect partner – Think how it feels, being with a perfect person whot is

Exercise to practice: - Think how it would to be: Inspired, always with Energy, truly Happy, more Succesfull (Think of It more and more, and

Books to Read: - ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by J.Murphy - Any book with 'Kahunas Knowledge' or 'Kahuna Secret' and 'Huna Healing' - 'The Secret' -

How I made it to the desert After spending 3 years in Cancun (most of the time just staying around the Riviera Maya – Cancun area), I