Does Success brings happiness? How does it work? All the fame, money, success, cars, cribs, beautiful people around - but it doesn't feed Your soul.

What happens when Rabbi, Priest and an Atheist smoke Weed together

,,Human Emotions. Plain and Simple. Human Emotions. Plain and Simple. Emotions

Sting talks about his ayahuasca experience Have You ever thought why people sign up for this spiritual ceremony? Have You ever found the real opinions about

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The Real Truth about Spirituality What do the spiritual Masters are never share with us? Why are Kundalini Awakening and Enlightenment  'promoted' as some kind of

How to Relax and Reach Advancement First, take all the every-day life crap that you carry all the time from your shoulders. Yes, leave it

How is it possible that Prayer Works

Is being Intellectual all that good ? What is the difference between Intellectual man and Spiritual man.

How to Obtain a Basic Level of Peace Why is it so difficult these days to not think about stuff, to just BE for a

How to understand Spirituality and Yoga Spirituality for many people is just airy fairy stuff. There are more than just one article or video to

How to live in the moment: The forgotten art of living. There are people who devoted their lives to living in the present, like Eckhart

How to raise your vibrations. How to live fully. How to be happier. What is our only purpose to be here? How can you keep yourself

How to fix irritation. How to stop getting mad in life. Ways to Avoid Getting Angry. What really makes us angry? What irritates us? How the

How to take Magic Mushrooms? Psylocibe Tampanensis Presentation. The challenge is to answer the question on How and Where to consume Magic Mushrooms. After trying mushrooms

What is Fastings? What is the Purpose of Fasting? The question could also sound like: What we can do to get healthy, physically and spiritually (mentally)? For sure there are different

What is Enlightenment? How can you Understand Enlightenment? When you start to understand deeper, that Enlightenment isn’t outside, that it isn’t  something to Achieve. When You

How to Use Your Energy in Life. How we Can Search Energy in Life? WHat really matters. WHat is consuming Our energies every day ? What

Learn interesting things about dogma and religion. About Believing in One Book, one Bible. Limitations of Dogmas, limitation of Rules in Religions. Limited understanding of ‘my religion,

My Personal History of Life. Resolving it. Leaving it Behind. Are we aware that many issues from the past are following us? Is it necessary to

See my evaluation of Magic Mushrooms, Truffles Psilocybe Tampanensis. So how do Magic Mushrooms work? Why we shouldn’t be afraid to try mushrooms What most people who

Kris Tells his Story about Spiritual Awakening Just a few months after Kris got Awakened, I got to see him, talk to him a lot,

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening How I percieve the Change, when the person gets Spiritually Awakened. What is the difference when you get Awakened ? Then, what is

Ways to Stop Suffering and Pain from Love So I was suffering from a past love, for about two years. I shared this with Kris,

How to Slow Down the Time? How does the brain perceive Time? Do we know why time sometimes feels it is going so fast, and in other moments

Ways to Solve Problems, The Deep Troubles? The way towards  Technical Spirituality, and how with Optimism, a Calm mind, Real Peace and Respect to Other people, you can fix anything

How to Handle Negative Emotions. How to resolve issues with People. How to Avoid Negative Emotions The title of the video could actually be: How

Simple Relationships  Advice How to see relationship opportunities and choose better? Why practice ‘dropping the ball‘ in relationships or dating ? How to practice independence. The truth about

Key To Success how we can increase our level of happiness Where do we perceive happiness? Are you sure we are looking for happiness in

Easy Life with More Money What do all rich people have in common? How a person could generate conscious and subconscious programming to achieve more money easily? Finally,

To face the Real Truth The real ceremony of life. Instead fo stuffing yourself with too much food, and other substances. You can do Staying Clear

How does good Reiki works ? Nothing is better then experience, but if you haven't try Reiki yet

How does Spiritual Retreats look like ? Some stories from Spiritual Retreats. Some of them boring, some of them crazy. Most of them, above all - developing