What is The Meaning of Life? Are you are asking yourself the same questions as me about life, where we come from, what purpose of

Spiritual Exercises and Physical Training It is scientifically proven, that when you smile (even when you just force it physically) to yourself, that activates processes in

A Breatharian tells his story Again, for people who are hearing about breatharianism for the first time, this story might make not much sense. For

Vegan Training for Bodybuilders   He eats one vegan meal per day. He trains every day. He explains the vegan diet for bodybuilders. He is healthy; he

Swami Kriyananda about Yogananda This is one of Yogananda disciples speaking about the humble and kind character of his Master - Yogananda. It is incredible that

Who is Yogananda If you are looking for Enlightened masters, you should meet (see) Paramahansa Yogananda. He’s a deep mystic who came from India to

What is Ascension? First, it is good to understand what Ascension is in spirituality. That's how we might understand who Saint Germaine is. In many religions,

What is The Name of God? I am That I am There are many names of God, some of them forbidden. In ancient languages, the

Short Intro about Channeling Not so long ago, maybe in 2010, I had my first encounter with Channeling in spirituality. I heard about it years

How different people get Awakened, Enlightened Watching this material from the original Yogi Zen could you leave you with some judgment or doubts about who

Real Spiritual Life by Victor Truviano One of the things that caught my attention in this interview is the how Truthful Victor is. He is there,

Just Listen to the supreme Truth of Awakening What I do care about is that you listen to that deeply Awakened person and how Awakened

How the Masters recommend you use time for meditation https://youtu.be/ZunzD8oPGzk

Why my body moves and twists during meditation When meditation reaches some level, the body starts to move and twist itself. It’s good. Let it

Breatharians: Do not judge a book by its cover The first thing I want to say about this guy is that he looks original. But

Where spirituality ends, or begins :) Well, you might already know a funny, awakened guy, JP Sears, from his YouTube channel or Facebook. JP usually

Is there a real Purpose of Life Happiness. The knowing of being. The religious name for our own Being - God. How to be happy, how

How to Listen, How to trust the Universe, How to Trust Life It's all about how we get to the top of the life these

The Spiritual Teacher: Devotion in Spirituality This sweet and kind young Master, the 'second' (reincarnated) Kalu Rinpoche, makes me more peaceful just by listening to

What is Enlightenment? How can people reach full Awakening? There are many different stories of Enlightened people and how they reached Enlightenment. If you listen to

Marijuana effects - Medical, Recreational, Ceremonial I don’t really know Miss Swan, who you can watch below. It's just the second spiritual video of hers

Dr Wayne Dyer: What is the Purpose of Life–teachings from Tao 'The sea stays low, and because the sea stays low, all the rivers and

How to Make Money, by Benthino Massaro. Abundance in Practice Benthino Massaro shares how we can make financial plans happen and how making money is

Spiritual message, a call to be Awakened - from Mooji 'I wait for you too long. You are way too slow'. These are direct words

'The Shift' Movie by Dr. Wayne Dyer This is one of my favorite spiritual, inspirational movies, made by one of the greatest people I know. For

When You find Yourself, Spiritually, and in Life This was my story: getting lost, looking for satisfaction in sex, money, power, egoic processes, in the

Eckhart Tolle Interview This is one of the first materials I consciously watched to increase my Awakening. Classic. Eckhart Tolle is telling his story, how his

Parallel Realities This is one of the best explanations I heard. Bentinho Massaro explains the Nature of Time and how to choose the reality we

Experience Krishna - by Sadhguru There is something Magic about Sadhguru and his voice. There is something magic about Sadhguru and his voice. Whenever you have heartache,

Incredible Vanessa's Life Journey I guess Vanessa’s Trips is about how to lead a great life and have a great journey. Instead of staying at