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Breatharians: Do not judge a book by its cover

The first thing I want to say about this guy is that he looks original. But it is not important who the Masters are or how they look like. It’s their message that’s important and here it’s clear:

All you learned on this planet about life and diet is false: you can change your diet, get awakened and live healthily like this Breatharian guy – Genesis Jericho Sunfire.

I do not judge this story, I do not judge if it’s real, or who Jericho is, but I listen to his words and know he speaks the truth. He speaks through Awakening or Enlightenment, no matter if the story of his breatharianism is 100% real or it is not. He speaks the Truth and it connects to those ideas I already have in my heart that I’ve been trying to follow somehow since I was born. Great Story.

Genesis Jericho Sunfire’s Special way to Enlightenment

How Jericho evolved to Breatharianism was to conquer the fear of death, change his eating habits and connect to the Higher Truth, spiritually, physically and mentally.

It’s achieving different levels of spirituality through intuitive guidance.

Letting go of your beliefs systems allows you to experience things you were never allowed to see in your life.

Jericho claims that all the eating and thought patterns we share in society are a lie, a fake fix.

How I see Jericho’s Enlightenment

He broke through thinking patterns, he evolved. He sees the projections of other people and their bullshit. He became super sensitive, as he claims. He sees his truth in the heart, not in the television or from other people’s mouths. He speaks The Truth, that he cannot be around people too long because of his sensitivity.

Why do think what he says is Truth and I understand it? – because I’m evolving in a very similar way, minus the strange tattoos and piercings 🙂

Today’s Spirituality is Bullshit

How Jericho sees today’s spirituality: as a half measure, that meditating under the tree and chanting will get you only 50% way through. That today’s gurus are not saying many things. That they teach only a light aspect of spirituality, they do not teach cleansing, as a vital factor for the body, in order to achieve activation of Body-Technology.

And I can tell you, that he is kind of right: today’s teachings are Not Complete. Today’s gurus say, “I tell you that you can fly”, but I will not give you any wings or show you how to fly, where to really start and where to finish.

Jericho puts emphasis on commitment, focuses on self love, gives 100% credit for his skill to the body, which is the original approach of the whole Breathariasnism concept for me. But believing in self-sufficiency isn’t just something that we call Faith or God.


Bretharianism as Coming Back to the Original state

Jericho claims that Breatharianism is an ancient, sacred lifestyle. Doesn’t that like all the masters from the Himalayas who fast for months to achieve piece and Enlightenment?

Is Jericho just living by Prana? Isn’t that just switching to Enlightenment and feeding through the energies and the sun? 🙂

Great work Jericho, whoever you are, wherever you come from.





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