Why the Body Moves During Meditation

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Why my body moves and twists during meditation

When meditation reaches some level, the body starts to move and twist itself. It’s good. Let it go. The body knows what it’s doing better than we think.

Those movements are natural and everything is happening itself without any force from our side, from our will. Although you can steer it with thoughts, I like to keep the process ‘independent’ and let the body do whatever needs to be done in order to receive more energy or fix some issues.

Here’s what Ajahn Brahm thinks of uncontrolled body movement while meditating 🙂

Spontaneous physical movements while meditating

It is also said that before Kundalini Awakening, the energy looks to resolve any issues in the body and not only to activate the flow. So sometimes the body shakes a little, or I record strange body movement during my meditations.

These include:

  • Head turning during meditation
  • Body twists during meditation
  • Muscle twitches while meditating
  • Head shaking with meditation
  • Tensions with meditations
  • Itching in some parts of the body
  • Some pain in different places
  • Energy flow in particular spots that could be uncomfortable

Again, everything is fine. No fear is needed. Life is perfect

So let me tell you this, when the strange body moves happened for me, it was funny for me. It didn’t scare me, but there was something like a ‘ghost story’ where I felt that somebody else was moving my body. You get used to this quickly. Maybe it has something to do with Kundalini Awakening, maybe not. I love to believe that it is a good sign, though 🙂


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