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How to Make Money, by Benthino Massaro. Abundance in Practice

Benthino Massaro shares how we can make financial plans happen and how making money is a belief system, a projection.

He talks about how to diminish the feeling of ‘lacking’, how to break free from old thought patterns, and how the Universe supports our visions, feelings and thoughts.

Relationship with money

Our relationship with money has to be great. Clear. If you are not close to the idea that money is all right, you might have problems getting abundance represented with money. I see it around a lot when people say ‘I don’t need money’ or ‘money is bad’. Well, money is neither good nor bad; it’s just how people manage it. So become rich, share, give, show people how to make money, grow in a good way. Come up with new ideas that nobody has shared before. Also, use your mind to work with you in different ways to make money flow.


Beliefs of Lack and Overshooting Money Goals

Do not try to overshoot your goals about money: that is only possible in your mind are not possible or that you’re going too far. I did that. I went straight to a plan of reaching 12 million in a couple of years. Because your mind is generating reality around you, you can get only the things you believe in. So start with some money goals that are possible. That will assure you in your abundance, instead of producing more lack by overshooting the goals (that you believed are not possible so you made it impossible for yourself). Then you can move on to bigger goals.

Or, the hell with that, make a plan of reaching 50 million dollars in 2 years, and convince yourself that it’s already there and it will come as a response to your beliefs.


Just make it happen

Don’t get attached. Stay easy within yourself and just flow. Be relaxed. Understand the universe from a different perspective. Activate a state of abundance and inspiration that can also bypass the need for money.

Attract ideas on how to make money, attract interesting people, projects, inspiration from different sides of life. Everything comes. I see some of my friends operating like this and it’s true. Just go for it without fear.

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