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Dios Sin nosotros.Nada de original...
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Basavanna Clochard do you think the love of mother becomes the femenine side in a male teacher?12.08.2016 at 08:44 amMike Wisniewski The mother side for sure is a stronger feminine energy - feminine Teacher for a guy. But the femininie side is there anyway, and it is suppouse to be developed by the men itself, to become Whole again, to understand everything. So everybody gains a teachers and waits for the teacher. But the teacher is inside and outside in non-visible, and the feminine energy, that I see more of a creation energy and god, can be accessed anytime in anyplace with no teachers needed, to be great and kind again. At least thats how I see it.12.08.2016 at 01:03 pm
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Mike Wisniewski THICH.
Yogi TimesLove unconditionally. #love | YOGI TIMES |
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Mike Wisniewski I have never acomplished that. Maybe in friendships :)07.08.2016 at 04:41 pmDaphne Lomelí Sotelo I was loved this way but couldnt love back the same way. May be one day.07.08.2016 at 06:42 pm
Mike Wisniewski One of my favourite recent Beats. Nice to meditate or for anything basically..

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Mike Wisniewski Mind revealing. So simple that i often forget :)
Prince EaSimple logic. :)
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Miriam Miraculum Schäfer Muy buenos días amig@s y familia

Les invito este sabado al Mercadito Alternativo Xibalba y Encuentro de sanadores, artistas y soñadores (Pueblo Sacbe)

> Réunion
See More de productores, artesanos y proyectos sustentables y ecológicos
> Comida vegana
> Artesanias y productos locales
> Taller de barro por Loditos
> Taller de bio-construcción con Luis Alejandro
> Espectaculos artisticos
> Música jam session - traigan sus instrumentos!
> Massage


y a las 8pm concierto en el Templo Xibalba por Tou Kosmou Less
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St. Pablo Surfing this crazy life...
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